Integrated business promotion on the Internet

How to optimize your advertising budget and get more profit? Sometimes it seems that it is more profitable to find the most effective channel and invest everything in it. But this approach is not suitable for those who are interested in promoting a business on the Internet. The web is brimming with promotional opportunities. Using only one channel is real, but you should not expect great results.

An integrated approach is a panacea for business scaling. It will give a stable growth in sales through many channels to attract an audience. But only if a competent promotion strategy is implemented.

In this article, we will tell you what tools are used as part of complex promotion and why online promotion is beneficial in a multi-channel way.

What is an integrated approach to website promotion, how does it differ from SEO

The service is a promotion strategy that provides for the use of different channels to attract people. This includes search promotion, contextual advertising, email marketing, social networks, etc. If we compare complex promotion using only SEO, the first option clearly wins. In the case of optimization, you cover only the audience of search engines, while missing out on other sources of traffic. Consequently, the potential flow of leads is not received.

But this does not mean that SEO alone is not effective. If the priority is not so much business scaling as getting high positions in the SERP, search promotion is enough. For the rapid growth of traffic, an integrated approach is recommended.

What are the stages of complex Internet promotion

There is no template strategy by which you can promote the site to everyone. The essence of an integrated approach is that a set of tools is chosen taking into account the specifics of the business, the needs and goals of the client, and the advertising budget. Based on these factors, specialists form an effective action plan and implement the promotion process step by step.

At the same time, it is worth highlighting the basic stages that will be present in working with any projects:

Marketing audit. Includes analysis of the competitive market, assessment of resource attendance, promotion channels. It will give an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the “rivals”, their promotion strategies, which will allow you to beat the best solutions and implement them in the process of complex promotion.

Website technical audit. This is a check of the resource for problems that will prevent it from reaching the top or implementing other tasks as part of a comprehensive promotion. The team studies technical errors, text content, evaluates usability and structure, and the site’s compliance with the requirements of search engines. The output will be a list of problems with recommendations for their elimination.

Drawing up a strategy. Based on the marketing and technical audit, it is already possible to outline an action plan. In addition to recommendations for improving the site, the project team will provide an optimal list of promotion channels with a price justification for the work. At the request of the client, the list can be revised, shortened or supplemented.

Start of work. After agreeing on the strategy, the promotion process begins. Specialists correct technical errors, optimize the site, set up and launch advertising campaigns. The list of works and the sequence of actions depend on the promotion strategy.

Analytics. Everything is reviewed regularly to achieve the maximum return on comprehensive promotion. Thanks to advanced analytics services and many years of experience of specialists, it is possible to find the weak points of the strategy, quickly eliminate them and continue to achieve the set goals. Reports are made every month.

The client sees what exactly is being done with the site, at what stage the business is being promoted, what changes need to be made. All further advertising activities must be agreed.

Site optimization

Search results customers are organic traffic. You don’t have to pay for it. Payment is made, in fact, for the work performed on the site. Optimizers collect the semantic core, form a logical branched structure, fill the pages with useful optimized texts. The combination of these actions ensures that the site is brought to the top, where buyers come from.

It is worth noting that this method is universal – the tool is suitable for any niche.

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